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How do I become an Angel?

We have a very stringent interview and application process for NakedRecovery Angels. As you can imagine, our clients entrust us with their lives so we need to pick very special people to walk them through this journey.

People who are not afraid to stand in the fire and have courage to walk with people through the toughest part of their lives.

The first step is you must complete the Naked Divorce Miracle programme with Adele so when you coach our people, you can speak from personal experience and also experience what it’s like being coached by our top NakedRecovery Angel.

Once completed, you can apply to become a NakedRecovery Angel and if accepted you will begin your training.

Email us for more details.

Are your programmes endorsed?

The system is endorsed by 16 clinical psychologists and trauma specialists all over the world and consistently works so incredibly well because healing and recovery are not unknown mysteries.
When you focus intently on healing with the world’s most sophisticated and effective trauma recovery techniques and processes, you can expect nothing less than breathtaking results.

What therapies are used?

Our NakedDivorce programme alone uses 43 different therapies.
The framework used to tie the whole programme together is known as Perturbation® – a breakthrough self-healing framework in handling the impact of emotional traumas in an effective and time-efficient way.
Some of the therapies used are developed by Adele Theron and are registered trademarks of Naked Recovery Ltd.

Are results guaranteed?

If you purchase a programme from us that includes Angel support, then results are guaranteed.

How can you guarantee a result?

The process is solid. We know from extensive experience that if you follow our instructions, and commit and complete the related work then you will achieve the breakthrough you need.

You self-assess your situation at the start of your programme, and we ask you complete the same questions at the end of the programme – the results will astound you.

Do all your programmes share a similar structure?

They do, put simply they are; Cocoon, Metamorphosis, and Release. We may change the wording on our courses for marketing reasons, but essentially they are the same three phases to every course.

NakedDivorce: How much time per day?

Schedule 90 mins time per day to complete the programme successfully.

I don’t have a credit card, how else can I pay?

We can only take payment via online transaction which requires a credit card.

Are your programmes discreet?

We only communicate with you via the channels you give us. Typically email, telephone, and Skype. If a partner has access to any of these, simply tell us of your preferred communication channels and we will use those.

Can I pause my programme mid-way?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Our programmes are significant, and intensive, to get results we ask you to commit to the actions required during your course.

I’m very busy, is this for me?

Our programmes have been taken by people of all descriptions, including judges, entrepreneurs, high-level CEO’s etc. It can be built into any life, if you are committed in achieving the result.

Are your course for men & women?

Yes. In same cases we have designed course that are suitable for men or women. Other course have separate course for men, and the women.

Are your NakedDivorce programmes suitable for non-straight people?

In a word yes. Sexual orientation, or preferences is no barrier to any of the course we provide.

Will your prices change?

Yes, we occasionally increase our prices. For the best price, make your purchase today.

I have a media enquiry – who should I contact?

Contact me via email.

I need help, but don’t know where to start?

That’s easy – start with a Free Clarity Call session. Book yours here, we can learn about you, about your situation and about what service you need. We can also introduce our services to you, and then you can decide how you wish to proceed.

How can I learn about your services?

We have lot’s of programmes, and they are expanding all the time. As a result rather than created a bloated website, they may easily become out-of-date we generally prefer to have a Clarity Call where we can discuss what is the right solution for you.

Do you ever sack people from your programmes?


Yes, if a client does not complete the tasks allocated to them, they may be removed from the programme.

What is your cancellation policy?

Unless our product or service clearly states differently we offer a 14 day refund policy.

This means you can cancel your service within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund if you have not already received the product or service.

Send us an email with;

  1. Proof of purchase
  2. Reason for cancelling and,
  3. Bank details

How many warm-up exercises are there?

[NakedDivorce 21 day programme]. There are 7 – takes between 3-5 days if focused. About 9 hrs of work tops

Where can I download the Naked Divorce Break Up Reboot to help me relax?

The download is actually available on Warm up Day 6

Why do you charge VAT?

NakedDivorce, and NakedRecoveryOnline are UK based businesses.

As such, we are subject to all UK laws, including being required by law to charge VAT for the goods and services we provide.

This charge is not optional, and irrelevant of how, or where you receive your services.

Problems login into the NakedDivorce online programme

If you make your purchase online, then you programme account will be created automatically.

If you have made a manual payment, we will need to setup your account manually. You will not be able to access your online programme until that has been setup.

If you experience any access issues, you can try resetting your password, or contact us and we resolve any access issues as swiftly as possible.

NakedDivorce Prog: The ‘Things to handle’ list

To ensure your success on the programme, you should remove certain temptations from your home during the programme.

This list is provided to you during the programme, you can also access The Things to handle list here.

NakedDivorce Prog: Is the shopping list included in the price?

The cost of the course includes all of the video’s and information you need to complete the course. If you have purchased Support, then that is also part of your package.

It does not however include the ‘Shopping list’. The ‘Shopping list’ is a list of additional items you will want and need to complete the NakedDivorce 21 day program. This includes things like water, bags of ice, coloured pens etc.

For a full list click on this Shopping list link.

How much does the ND shopping list cost?

The cost of the NakedDivorce 21 Day Programme shopping list varies from shop-to-shop. Most of the items can be acquired from your local supermarket.

The tissue salts are optional.

My question isn’t answered here!

No problem. Send us an email, and we will endeavour to answer any question you have.

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